Friday, July 3, 2009


Tonight was my first attempt to post photos from my newly re-set up computer at home. Let me tell you.... Well, let's put it this way....Aaaaaaagggghhhh! It took 25 minutes (stare at the clock in the corner of your computer and count them, t.w.e.n.t.y-f.i.v.e) to get any word from my computer as to the upload status of my five photos. It's not like we haven't recently lost two batteries to our solar system thus decreasing our power storage capacity by 1/5 and I'd like to not use up too much power doing this. Nor is it like every day this week hasn't been beautifully overcast but therefore not fully recharging our batteries. It's also not like I've been conserving power by reading in bed with a flashlight instead of turning on the light - knowing I'd like to use the computer or watch a movie the next day. It's not like this could be a problem for this fairly new blogger. Nor is it like I'm disgusted or IMPATIENT or anything!!!

And then, did it finally and happily say "Images Uploaded"? Nooooo. I blinked and the screen said "Web Page Cannot Be Found". (Huh?) There went 25 minutes! I guess our connection speed is not very fast out here in the "boonies". We were warned by the telephone company. We're actually a few hundred feet past the limit of connectivity for whatever speed we have. We begged and pleaded and they gave it to us, but with the strong warning that if we EVER so much as call in ONE TIME with a problem or a complaint, they're pulling the plug on us. So... I'll complain to you guys. As far as the phone company's to an exasperated, fist biting, silent SCREAM!

P.S. More Alaska photo installments coming sometime between now and the year 2012.

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