Friday, July 31, 2009

The Square Backed Cat

Aside from our black and white cat, Bobo, we also have Mama Kitty. When we went "cat shopping" we went to a woman's house who had a total of 11 cats and kittens running around. She had two mamas each with litters. Of course, in the presence of 9 kittens, you can't just come home with one. No, we came home with three. And one of the mamas. The natural identifying phrase we used for her simply became her name, Mama Kitty, although The Fisherman prefers to call her Mama Cat. Lots of times, I just call her Mama....sounds strange when I step out of myself to hear it. But she knows her name and sometimes comes when called.

We have always marveled at how when Mama Kitty sits, her back goes square. I caught a silhouette of her sitting in the window at sunset tonight. She is our square backed cat.

(You can't see me.)

She's also a lover. She had declared our photo shoot a wrap by jumping down and walking away so I sat down to browse through the pictures on my camera. As I did, I felt the gentlest soft tapping on my arm. It was Mama standing up a little behind me, reaching up with her paw to get my attention. She was begging me to pet her. It was the sweetest little touch. Sometimes her claws aren't so gentle, but tonight it was just so soft and cute.

The Fisherman took a great close up of Mama Kitty and has it on his website here. (Sorry, but for some reason I can't get a specific link to the specific page she's on. You'll find her under Misc. Animals.)

P.S. Two of those initial kittens we came home with are now being thoroughly loved by The Fisherman's mom. Along with another kitten my sister-in-law found and begged us to take home from Phoenix when she heard we'd just gotten 3 kittens and a mama. Yes, at one time we had 5 cats. It didn't last long, though, as within a year or two we'd given Lloyd (Bobo's brother), Frank (the stray), and Kitty Girl (another clever name) to The Fisherman's mom. She renamed them except for Frank. Love that name for a cat! The Fisherman named him. I think it's so funny. Of course, seeing how I have to add "Kitty" to most every name, I call him Frankitty. And sometimes I call him "Frankitty Frank Frank Frank".

Yeh, I get pretty stupid with animals.

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