Sunday, July 5, 2009

Front Porch

I love sitting on our front porch. Especially with weather like we've been having. This year has been a gift: we've had monsoon weather a whole month early. While it's a little warm and still from morning to mid-afternoon, later on the clouds roll in and a breeze pays us a visit. Thunder rumbles and we might even get some rain.

This afternoon I sat with my journal on our slider bench enjoying the drop in temperature, the distant rumbling thunder, and the occasional sprinkle. Our cat, Bobo, was sitting inside on the window ledge enjoying the air and being close to me through the open window...his whiskers were poking through the screen as he sat there almost asleep. Humming birds darted around the feeder - the one rust colored Rufus chasing off the other lone customer, a little guy of the green and fuchsia variety.

While most of the house is still a mess, I have worked on some spaces. The porch was a priority. It needed some color though, so today after church I went and bought some flowers on sale at Wal-Mart, all perennials which I hope I'll remember to water early enough next year so they actually come back. I planted them in some of Mom's pots when I got home. I had bought them and planted flowers for her knowing she would love looking out the windows at them. So now they are on my porch...our north facing porch, sadly enough. Actually our front porch faces northeast, so the northwest corner is the only spot I can place flowers where they'll get any light.

I love sitting on the porch. It's a peaceful, restful spot to enjoy the quiet, the cool, the trees, the sky. And now, my flowers.

(There will be more color when the red dianthis (I have no idea how to spell that) and bright pink vincas bloom more.) Those are two of her pigs. One is a funny ceramic planter and the other is one I spontaneously bought for her at the Safeway floral department last year. It makes me smile to remember her delight at this new pig, saying it was the cutest one she'd seen. She had a LOT of pigs so I was very happy to have found her a new favorite.

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