Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Elk Tonight

I've waited 11 years to see elk right on our property. Well, actually I did see some cross our driveway in front of me one dark night when I was coming home from work. But I'd never, you know, REALLY seen them. Until tonight.

There is a small cluster of them, about 8-10, that have been hanging around the last couple days/nights. There's an elk trail that comes downhill going south to north and it passes right in front of my mother-in-law's old house next door. We have become friends with the new owners and they had me over for dinner last night. We enjoyed sitting on the porch looking out on the meadow and seeing the elk pass through.

Tonight I heard them from my porch (which is much more wooded). They were calling to each other with the gentle mews of mothers and calves. They were grazing to the west instead of in the meadow to the east. I went inside and got my camera. I also changed out of my bright turquoise shirt into a dusty green t-shirt of The Fisherman's. With my green Cabela's shorts, it was as "camo" as I could get. The ground was damp and therefore very cooperative in the quiet department. I snuck about halfway up our property and kept listening. Then, I saw some movement. Ooohh, it was so exciting! Here's what I got:

It's obvious they had spotted me. They went back to grazing but I eventually made them nervous and they trotted away from me up the road. I love their little blond elk butts.


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  1. so beautiful and such an exciting moment!!