Saturday, July 11, 2009

Alaska Photos 8 - Misc

I saw this photo collage in the Safeway in Soldotna. Seems they had a super cold day one winter which brought some unwanted customers seeking shelter from the cold.

When you think about it, I'm sure just by walking up they opened the automatic doors. It's a wonder they didn't just walk right in.

With so much daylight, plants tend to grow pretty darn big in Alaska. Note the moose and caribou antlers.

in Ninilchik, about 50 miles from our property. Very historic.

Behind the church is the water of the Cook Inlet. Across the water about 50 miles is Mt. Iliamna and Mt. Redoubht. Both are 10,000 foot volcanoes of which you can see all 10,000 feet because you're at sea level. They are beautiful snow covered mountains. This is Iliamna.

For some reason I totally love this photo. It's so simple with so little in it.

I asked the meaning of the special cross, which was everywhere. To the standard cross, they have added a bar above the crossbeam, signifying the placard placed above Jesus' head stating that He is the King of the Jews. The bar across the bottom represents the foot rest believed to have been what His feet were nailed to. It also represents the two thieves crucified on either side of Jesus. The side tilted downward represents the thief who continued to mock Him to the very end of his life. The side tilted upward represents the thief who came to saving faith and who later that day met Jesus in heaven.

I love this photo, too. I love the sparkling water, the pink Fireweed, and the sunspot reflection.

I stopped to take the photo for another reason though. I took it because it's.....

Dave's Creek. My brother's name.

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  1. Great photos, Judi, and thanks for the explanation on the cross! I have seen ones like that, and I knew what the "extra" bar on the top symbolized, but not the tilted one on the bottom.