Saturday, July 25, 2009

Duh-Huh! Dopey, Dopey Me

My little picture posting problem last night? The non-responsive Add Image command? I'm embarrassed to say...(Insert mental image of Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail at the moment she admits to Tom Hanks that the guy she's crazy about is someone she doesn't actually know) actually did respond. The pop-up window where you proceed on to browse and select images, well, it did pop up. It's just that it popped up BEHIND my full New Post screen. I had no idea it was lurking behind there. I just kept clicking the button, saying "Hello!?" to the computer. I didn't notice it's tab in the task bar at the bottom of my screen either. That is, until I closed out of everything else and I said, "What the...?" again. What kind of pop up window pops up behind things??? And why did it arbitrarily do it just that one time?

Plus, it was late. And I was tired. And concerned about how much electricity I'd been using. Yeh, yeh, that's it.

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