Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Header Photo

I thought since spring has sprung I ought to get the snowy branches photo off my blog header. I don't have any typical spring-like photos from around here. The pine forests don't seem to have an abundance of colorful blossoms to announce spring in the typical manner this time of year warrants. So while this photo has more of a cozy autumn feel to it, for now, it's a welcome change to the cold wintry photo I've had up for several months.

Let me tell you about this new photo.

I love stained glass. And I LOVE this photo. I took it of a stained glass piece at my friend's cabin. The full piece is very tall and narrow, displayed with it's sister piece on opposite sides of a wall of windows. They are each about 5-6 feet tall. They are beautiful. Gorgeous.

The artist is Perdita Mouzakiti, a German friend whose home, studio, and shop are in Greece.

I love how she incorporates natural elements of rocks and branches into her work. That is SO me. When majoring in ceramics in college, I was always adding nature to my wheel thrown pottery. I have always brought nature indoors, be it twigs, branches, rocks, leaves, or birds' nests. So I love how Perdita has figured out how to add stones and wood to her stained glass work.

There are so many art forms I would love to get into. My heart aches when I see beautiful pieces like this. I love to look at them but I also long to create them. Unlike Perdita and my friend Angie (and here), who are both the kind of artists that literally cannot stop creating art, I tend to let life swallow up and push aside my creativity. Yet the ache remains.

For more of Perdita's awesome work, check out her website at Perdita's Art Glass. She does frames, mirrors, lamps, wall sconces out of old Greek roof tiles, votives, and jewelry. She is amazing.


  1. Hi Judi,
    They really are beautiful pieces of stained glass on a wonderful theme!

  2. Hello from Greece! I am a close friend of Perdita and have just visited her on Corfu! I didn't know the beautifull artwork you show on your blog, Thank you for sharing!