Friday, July 24, 2009

What the...?

So, like I said, I'm sitting here working on my blog and lo and behold, I learned how to convert my photos into Low Resolution JPEGs so it won't take me 6 minutes per picture to post! WooHoo! Thank you, Shayne, one of Rusty's fishing clients and a fellow photographer. She sent Rusty an email with some photos of him driving the boat (Thank you, Shayne!) and I was brazen enough to write back and ask her how to make a low res jpeg copy. She was kind enough to reply and teach me. Here is a link to her photo website called Myths and Legends, where she displays photos from England, Ireland, Scotland, and now Alaska.

And at last I have some disks of Rusty's photos that I've been waiting for in order to post some of them here. I successfully reduced and uploaded three photos to a post I have saved in my Drafts. I reduced several more and went to include them in the post ...and nothing happened. Nothing happens when I click on the "Add Image" icon in the Blogger program. Dang! And I was on a roll, too. I haven't a clue what happened. I don't think I've used up all the photo space available to me, but with such large photo files, perhaps I have. Now it's an urgent priority (as opposed to casually on my To Do List like it was 10 minutes ago) to go through ALL my previously posted photos (ugh!) to reduce and re-post them.

Hang in there with me!

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