Saturday, November 7, 2009

What's Happenin'

Here's what's happening upstairs at my house right now.

Yes, it's loud.

Here's what's happening downstairs in the bedroom right now.

The cats and I are holed up in the bedroom. We wisely insulated even the interior walls of the bedroom, mostly for the temperature factor. But it's also coming in handy during tonight's jam session. Mama Kitty has this habit of stretching out both paws and laying them regally in front of her like this. Such a proper lady she is.

And here's what was happening in the living room earlier today.

It was sort of chilly in the house so I made a little fire. We heat our house with this wood stove. In the bedroom we have a small propane stove with a thermostat so we don't have to deal with the mess and smoke of a wood burning stove. Nice. It was broad daylight in the house for this picture but it came out like this. Sort of interesting.

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