Friday, November 13, 2009

Homer Marina

As long as I wrote about our exciting Time Bandit experiences in Homer, I thought I'd put up some other photos I took at the Deep Water Marina.

I love these colorful floats.

I wonder who LB is? I figure he was the welder. My husband's a welder and I believe his initials are in several places where he's worked.

I don't know what this sea encrusted thing is, but it was sitting on a ledge of a very tattered ship and I thought it looked pretty cool. The modern day, clean plate near it lets me know that this ship is not completely abandoned.

LB's ship again, here. There have to be many stories behind such a rusted hulk. I wonder what they are.

Love the rich worn textures on this rugged and battered ship. Across the dock from this old beauty was a ship with tons of activity going on. It was being given a fresh coat of cobalt blue paint, and there were sounds of welding and grinding. I was so wanting to ask about the ship, curious to know what they were doing, what the vessel's destiny is, and what the story is of the man who owns it and is attempting to make a living with it.

And I think this one is my favorite. This is LB's ship again. I love the simplicity of this photo. It's simple yet holds such richness.

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