Saturday, July 7, 2012

RV Buddy

Summer in Soldotna means RVs. Everywhere. Everthing from the smallest camper over a truck bed to luxury 1/4 million dollar busses. Parking lots are full of them. The local super store, Fred Meyer, welcomes them to camp over night toward the back. Every day the side lot is filled with RVs parking parallel in perpendicular spaces.

The other day when I made a visit to "Freddy's" I saw this nice model:

It's one of the more ordinary variety, but a nice large one.

But wait...what's that in the cab?

A Great Dane!

Can you imagine RVing with a Great Dane?! I just laughed picturing a Marmaduke or Scooby Doo galloping his way from front to back, knocking people over left and right.

What's even funnier is about a week later I saw ANOTHER RV with a Great Dane sitting alongside its owner who was driving out of Freddy's. This was a totally different RV and different Dane. The first one surprised me. The second one dumbfounded me.

We do love our dogs.

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