Friday, July 20, 2012

More Alaska Grown

I had a blast at Trinity Nursery in Soldotna. I'd gone there to see the quilt on display for the quilt walk but when I was greeted by the giant hanging pot of flowers I had to go back for my camera. Turns out there were a lot of gorgeous things inside that were just begging to be photographed. And once I started, I couldn't stop snapping! Everything was so beautiful. So big and so beautiful!

Fuschia was everywhere, bigger than I've ever seen it and in so many varieties.

I loved this one! I took so many pictures of it.

I really like this photo from underneath.

And then there was this one! This must be the official flower of the ladies' Red Hat Society!

 I like seeing the various stages of bloom on this plant.

There was a climbing rose bush trailing up an arbor about 8 feet high. The blooms were so big!

 Outside there was another gorgeous fucshia. Love all the spikey things.
(A gardener I'm not. Otherwise I'd know the name of those spikey things.)

This is the largest geranium I've ever seen.

The blooms were huge.

It must have won an award and it looks like it's called Kenai Carmen.

A final stroll around the outside for two photos and then I'll take you back inside for my favorite photo.

This one below is my favorite. Though all the wide open ruffles of some of those exquisite fuschias I showed you earlier take my breath away, for some reason I am in love with this one.  I love how it's tighter, making it look...drippier. Ooooh, I just love it.

Here it is bigger.

I had a wonderful time at Trinity Nursery. I am definitely going back to see more of the
big, beautiful flowers that are Alaska Grown!

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