Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Alaska, Where......

Only in Alaska. Only in Alaska.

I tell you, you see some strange things up here in Alaska. It's actually kind of commonplace to see the uncommon. In the grocery store or Taco Bell you see people who look like they just stepped out of the woods for the first time in years. Some are clean, but filled with lots of character (like wearing long white beards flannel shirts and overalls) and some are just plain rugged. Nothing is really surprising here.

Except this.

The Purple Duct Tape Truck

I've seen it in the Safeway parking lot about a half dozen times now.
I love the bumper sticker. It says:
Stupidity Should Be Painful.

I'm wondering if taping your truck up in purple duct tape counts as stupdity or painful.

Stupid or painful, whichever, it provides me with smiles whenever I see it
and it's given me some nice photos.

I saw rolls of purple duct tape at the local Fred Meyer's store. They cost $4.99.
I wonder how many rolls it took.

I'm glad I didn't get caught taking pictures of this whimsical vehicle. I imagined the owner to be equally whimsical, good natured, and fun loving. After all, they chose purple. Aside from the unsympathetic bumper sticker I noticed the license plate. It was a specialty plate whose letters and numbers combined to convey some sort of message about hating everyone. :-o

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