Thursday, July 5, 2012

Home Sweet Home

After The Fisherman got back from Zimbabwe, he got to work making our tiny home liveable for the two of us. It has been nice for him these last couple of years, a great step up from living in the van. At least he can stand up in the trailer. But now he has to share it with me. Now there are two of us in the 7'x12' trailer.

Here she is, our Home Sweet Home.

The Fisherman made a bed for me at the end of the trailer. His is along one side. Since it's only 7 feet wide, there's no double bed possibility. We're twinning it. And when he comes home with fish, we just open up the back doors and, well, my bed becomes the filet table! Here's some nice halibut he caught us.

You notice the playground equipment in the background. We're camped at a school.

Inside the trailer, at first our clothes had to hang on three short hooks The Fisherman had rigged up to hold other things. You see, our home was once a kettle corn trailer. We used to pop that sweet and salty, addictive popcorn in this very trailer. He welded up hooks to hang the wooden stir paddles.

The brown "paneling" is plywood we painted brown so it wouldn't show the kettle corn grease. It worked well for a kettle corn trailer. However, it's rather dreary for a home. Now we have a closet rod resting on those very hooks and our clothes are neatly hanging (the regular direction) at the foot of my bed and along the side over the freezer...which is our counter top for all things.

The silver is insulation. Reflective insulation. It, too, adds a darkness to things.

So, I found a way to add a touch of pretty.

It's just a touch, mind you, but it makes me smile when I see it. It's also functional. It's my skylight/vent cover. The skylight is directly over my head when I'm laying in bed. With Alaska being the Land of the Midnight Sun, well, I felt like I had a spotlight shining on me all night. So I concocted this little fabric shade.

I can leave it down for a touch of pretty during the day. And I can sit in bed and read at night by sky light. But when it's time to go to sleep, I just attach the velcro on the underside of the fabric to the velcro I rigged up inside the skylight and wa-la! Darkness! I had to add two layers of maroon fleece underneath the pretty layer to increase the darkness. It works like a charm. The first time I showed The Fisherman, he was sitting up in his bed and couldn't see what I did when I took the fabric down. (The little TV and some shevling was in his way.) He said, "What did you just do?? It's like you turned a light on!" It's great!

And now our view. Out our door is this, the school's soccer field.

Right away I bought some pretties for the outside. They're getting crowded in their pots and I hope they'll begin spilling over soon.

I think Lobelia is one of my favorite flowers. It's the tiny purple bloom at the left. It grow long and drippy, making wonderful hanging baskets.

Out the front of the trailer is the infamous woods where I once fell down flat fleeing what I thought was a moose coming after me fromt the woods.  Read my humiliating story from 2009 here under the Sept. 5th segment.

Today there was a hawk in one of the spruce trees.

I watched him until he flew away.

Our home for the summer may be tiny, but it's getting sweeter every day as we continue to settle in and make it home.


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