Monday, July 9, 2012

Quilting On The Kenai

After enjoying the quilt walk to see the various quilts on display in shops all over town, the weekend came when I could attend the final hour or so of the quilt show. The 18th Annual Quilting on the Kenai show that Pat from Robin Place Fabrics puts on.

Oh my. Again.

There were so many nice quilts. But one in particular grabbed my heart. I couldn't quit looking at it. Kept coming back to it. Kept glancing over at it during the prize ceremony - the one where I mistakenly did not win the $800 sewing machine.

This quilt won 2nd Place for Applique.

The diamond pattern is stunning. The mountain, sky, lake, hills, trees, and fireweed are so beautiful. 
The Alaska Fireweed is all appliqued.

Appliqued all throughout the quilt are Alaska animals. Eagles, grizzlies, moose, wolves.

I love the mountain and the sky. The fabric choices are so beautiful.
A mix of grey, pale blue, white, and a touch of pink. Just like an Alaska sky.
The way the artist arranged the diamonds to vary the sky's affect is so cool.
And the lake!
I just don't have the feel for mixing up colors and patterns that way to represent something real.

The diamond pattern and the way she interspersed the colors for the lake, and the foreground (underneath the fireweed) is just stunning to me. I love this quilt!

Here's another one that caught my eye. It's a traditional Log Cabin pattern but done in an untraditional way. I love the solid background and how each "log" is different. Usually Log Cabin quilts have a distinct pattern with similar colors grouped together to form triangular blocks of color. I really like this one's randomness.

And then there was this "Hobo Bag". I saw it at the quilt shop the week before and fell in love with it. Not only the rich texture of the bag but also the color choices. I love turquoise and rust together. I bought the pattern for these two bags before I left the shop. I was glad to see the bags on display at the show so I could "visit" them again.

I'm learning that this area, the Kenai Peninsula, is quite a creative area. I've always known that the town of Homer was creative. It's full of artists and galleries. It's known for it's art community. (That and it's world famous halibut fishing. Oh yeh, I forgot about the fishing thing.) There were proably a hundred people at the quilt show. One of the quilts on the walk was done by a man. It was made from neck ties in a sunburst pattern. It was quite nice. But since the quilt show I've also met a few potters and learned of a community potter center with eight wheels that conducts classes. I've been exposed to the art community here. I hadn't realized it was as large at it is here in Soldotna. That excites me. Maybe The Fisherman will get me to move up here ...someday... after all!

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