Monday, June 28, 2010

When I Grow Up I Want To .....

If I had multiple lives to live I would like to :

- be a writer

- be a full-time artist

- be a college art teacher - medium = clay

- be a marine biologist, wildlife biologist, or wildlife veterinarian/rehabilitationalist

- be The Dog Whisperer

- have a llama or alpaca farm

- be a fiber artist who is also a llama farmer.  You know, the whole A-Z process of raising it, sheering it, spinning it, dying it, and then weaving with it.

- be an archaeologist

- be a missionary

- have a small Alaskan lodge

- have our own gift shop in a log cabin,  full of all our creative endeavors from music to writing, ceramics to wood creations, jewelry to knitting, quilting to photography!

- have a piece of property and run a no-kill animal shelter/farm

- have a ministry like L'Abri where people come and stay for varied lengths of time to learn about God, get specific soul questions and theological questions answered and work the property as part of their boarding.

- have a prayer day-retreat ministry in the woods where we'd have prayer cabins set up along the lines of Open Door Fellowship's Sacred Space

Some of these are dreams that are actual possibilities yet in my life, desires that are on the list of ""serious dreams".  Others are ones I seem to be well past the crossroad of opportunity for. 

What other "lives" do you think you would have liked to experience?  What do you want to be when you grow up?


  1. I just happened upon your blog this morning and its so funny but the dog whisperer thing is SO appealing to me also!

    I think that is such a magical thing.


  2. Judi, you inspire me to keep dreaming... to ask myself what it is that keeps me going. We're taking out little travel trailer to the ODF Family Camp tomorrow. I am excited to have that precious time in nature to go before the Lord and ask and dream and journal.