Monday, June 21, 2010

Ethiopia - The Country, The Villages

One day, after the clinic was over I think, the team boarded their bus and took a drive out into the country.  And beautiful country it was!

They passed by and through several villages.

Lots of  farmland... some richer looking than others...

Love these thatched roofed houses....

What a thing to behold - oxen threshing grain.

Now THAT's a decked out horse!  With a proud and smiling rider.

Here's a nice little house
with a nice little fence,
enclosing their nice little yard.

...with a nice little tree.

Gorgeous view...  Interesting roof....

Makes me think of Hawaii...

Now here's some interesting structures...

REALLY interesting...

LOVE this photo!

Love this fence.

More thatched roofs...

I love this tree. 
So sprawling.  So branchy.  So beefy.

Just HOW beefy? 

The photo below shows some of the team members standing under it.

NO WAY, right? 
I was shocked to see how big this tree is! 
Makes me love it even more.

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