Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ethiopia - The Scaffolding

Of course, the capitol city of Addis Ababa is a very big city, with big buildings, hotels, and businesses. Of particular interest to The Fisherman was the crude scaffolding used.

It's sticks!  Little skinny log poles make up their scaffolding.  Geesh, that looks scary.  Our metal scaffolding with 2x12's laid across is scary enough, but this?! 
And look how high!! YIKES!

But to the guys who work it, it's nothing.  They do it everyday.

Hi Guys!  You are brave and I admire you!

Did I say "guys" who work the scaffolding?  Get a load of this hardworking, brave woman! It looks so uncomfortable and precarious to be making her way across the narrow, round poles under her feet.

Here's the two guys in context of their entire work environment.

It's one thing to see this scary looking scaffolding attached to a sturdy building already built, but how do they build these tall structures to in the first place?  With even MORE timber scaffolding, of course!

And it goes HIGH up, too!

And all around!

I am fascinated by this seemingly primitive scaffolding.  Though it looks so rickety, unstable and round instead of flat for worker's footing, it seems to work pretty darn well.

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