Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ethiopia - The Clothing

I have always loved the draping clothing of cultures far across the globe. 

Interesting how this woman is wearing long pants underneath her dress.

I wonder if these were members of one of those weddings parties since they're wearing the same outfit...

Pretty in pink.

The draping layers and hand carved walking stick just don't seem to go with the plastic yellow shopping bag.

What a beautiful outer garment.

Now, here's a dapper gentleman for you.

And if a woman could be "dapper", I think this one certainly fits it.

I'm not sure if that's a baby tied onto this person's back or something else, but this seems to be the manner in which they create a baby sling.  I just don't get how it stays on.

I think I should have put this next photo in with The Poverty photos.  My, look at those torn up clothes.

I love this photo below.  Aside from all of the treasured faces of the people, I think it's my favorite one of all the photos The Fisherman took. 
An unknown woman wrapped in beautiful folds of bright fabric, looking out onto the valley below.  I love how it evokes so many questions.

Who is this woman?  What are her circumstances? Does she live nearby?  Is that her home she's looking at? What is she thinking?  Is she pondering, as she rests there, the remainder of road left before she reaches her destination?  Is she troubled? Is she praying? Is she marveling and the beauty before her?

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