Saturday, July 17, 2010

A REAL Quilt in the Making

I think I told you that when I wandered into that quilt shop earlier in the summer that I fell in love with a quilt in their back room and that it was the source of inspiration for me to finally learn how to quilt.  It was so different and so beautiful.  It also looked easy since much of the design was top stitched onto the blocks.  It made me believe I could actually make a quilt.  It has a bit of a rugged visual feel to it because of the casualness of the top stitching and how the edges fray a little bit.

So I signed right up for my beginning quilting class and have been learning how it's done.  My heart wasn't really in my first project...maybe that's another reason for my many, shall we say, "imperfections" with it.  What I really wanted all along was to start a quilt in the pattern of my inspiration.

I've started!  I've decided to do it in all batiks. They are so gorgeous that I want to go right for the gusto.  I chose my color scheme - turquoises, purples and greens - and I bought a bunch of "fat quarters" (quarter yard pieces cut in a "fat" rectangle instead of the traditional quarter yard strip). 

Here they are, in all their glory....

Closer looks.....

And closer still.....

Yes, I'm going to show you them ALL! 
They're just too pretty not to.

Seeing them close-up and in their detail, it makes it appear like they couldn't possibly go together.  So here's the general view again to boost your confidence in me.  Still pretty wild, though, eh?

I'll put up another post soon and show you what I'm going to do with them!


  1. Now THAT'S some serious material! Love every one of them......I would just sew the strips together as they are in the picture!
    Looking forward to the finished work Judi.

  2. OH Judi, those colors are so yummy...seriously good enough to taste the warmth and depth. Oh how lucky to be an artistic person. I enjoy the sewing and the quilting and all but it is torturous to pick colors. I love this love it
    You are going to have so much fun with this. One thing you might want to look at is an OTT light. It shows the true colors you are working with adn great light to workunder. Check out JoAnn's adn get a coupon and wait for a sale. Got a great one for about $50 but it made the sewing so much easier.