Thursday, July 15, 2010

Quilted Quilt

I really should have called this post:  DOH!
Since the Log Cabin pattern doesn't really lend itself to fancy quiting patterns, or diagonals, I decided I should use the Stitch In The Ditch method.  It's where you stitch in between certain selected seams, the idea being that it won't really show.  Unless you're me.  Then it shows.


I wasn't sure what color thread to use.  If I used a rust colored then it might look funny on the blues.  If I used blues, it might look funny on the backing which is rust.  So I defaulted to using a basic off-white and hoped I'd be a good ditch stitcher.  But....


Lovely precision sewing.  NOT!




Oh, and puckers.  Not supposed to have them.  DOH!

Bobbin Blobs are always nice.....Doh!


And the best Doh!,
 the worst Doh!,
 the funniest Doh!,
the final, saving-the-best-for-last Doh!,
the Double Doh!..........


I've just got to laugh.  It's pretty funny.  Maybe I'm not cut out to be a quilter.  Maybe I don't have the patience for the precision required.  Or, maybe, it's just my first quilt.  I think might be a matter of both. 

But I do plan on attempting a monster "real" quilt after I (if I ever) get done with this little one.  It's a scrappy looking quilt with lots of top stitching and frayed edges.  When I start cutting out pieces I'll begin letting you in on the progress.

One thing that's exciting to me with this little project is that it FEELS like a quilt now.  When I was examining all my goof-ups, it FELT like a quilt in my hands and on my lap.  THAT's a neat feeling.


  1. Hi Judi,
    It's looking far better than any attempt that I would have a go at. Mine would end up looking like a pleated scarf!
    Hang on in there.

  2. Thanks, Gary. I'm just laughing along the way but I also know that I want to seriously attempt a "real" quilt. It's been on my "bucket list" for over a decade and I'm excited to finally go for it. Hopefully the "real" one will show more care and skill!