Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Yeah!  EMAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS to 25 Acres are now up and running!  Both my husband and I got an email this morning notifying us that my blog had been updated!  Guess this new Email Subscription thing works after all. Whew! That was a test of my patience!

So...(drum roll)...if you would like to receive an email notification when I've updated the blog, you can click on the subscription link in the sidebar and sign up.  It's not a real time notice.  Emails go out once a day. So if I happen to post several times in one day, you won't be flooded with emails every time I post.   

I'm having trouble deciding what 2 hour block of time to schedule the delivery of email notifications.  Any thoughts?  Would you rather be notified first thing in the morning about yesterday's posts?  Or would you rather be notified sometime in the evening about today's posts?

Speaking of computer impatience, isn't it amazing how impatient we've become as a society when our computers don't do something instantly.  We are so used to them actually doing things instantly, that when we have to wait a couple days for something to activate it's almost unbearable.  I have an email account with one of those free online sites. Because I flit around between desktop and laptop and from city to city I frequently send myself emails of important documents or photos that I want to make sure I have access to.  In this age of so much instantaneous effect, I get frustrated when an email to myself doesn't show up for a couple minutes.  Heck, I even get impatient when a page on the internet takes over 10 seconds to load!

If I'm a common example --and I think I just may be-- we are a fortunate and spoiled techno-people.  But what a tremendous gift this computer age has been to us!  Thank You, God, for computers, the internet, blogs, and email subscriptions.  Oh, and... uh, sorry for my impatience in the face of this amazing gift.

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  1. glad that the email stuff has worked now Judi, I think you deserve that after all the frustration. It's so true that we expect our computers of today to act instantly. I like to think that they are perfect but God puts glitches in to teach us patience. I used to own an original Sinclair ZX81 THAT needed real patience.

    God bless.........Gary