Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Alaska On My Mind - Bleeding Hearts

I have been thinking of Alaska a lot lately.  Getting into my photo files the other day for another project brought many beautiful images before me.

I had never seen a Bleeding Heart other than in a flower shop before I found this plant. 

I found it on the barren side of a Post Office in a small town on the Kenai Peninsula.  All that was there was grass and this lonely Bleeding Heart.

What an outstanding flower this is!  I can hardly believe such a flower exists.  God is so creative it blows me away!

I suppose, after all, that that's His job.


  1. I love bleeding hearts and your photos make them even more stunning. Thanks for sharing such beauty. I was actually going through my file of flowers with plans to post my favorites this week too.

  2. Hi Judi,
    We have a Dicentra spectabilis in our garden, and they are indeed truly beautiful, and quite tough! It must have been great to just come upon this one. God has indeed produced so many incredible things.