Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What Was I Thinking?

OK, so a couple hours after posting last night I was crawling into bed and realized I hate the name "Random Life Soup" for a bullet point style post. What was I thinking? Any ideas for a new name? Any of you? Any of my 3 readers? Words like "snipets" and "tidbits" describe the miscellaneous aspect of such a post. Hey, maybe I should just call it "Miscellaneous". There's a thought! I welcome ideas.

Last night I could not get to sleep! That "writing movie" yesterday really did a number on me. I came home and wrote in my journal for an hour and a half on the porch. Then came upstairs to write my random bullet point post which, believe it or not, took a couple hours. With all the other computer stuff I did, it was after 11pm when I went to bed. And when I did, I was still writing! So much so that I had to grab a notebook and write some things down. I put the paper down, rolled over to go to sleep, and boom! There I was, not thinking, but writing in my head! So, on came the light (the flashlight this time because I'd used quite a bit of power being on the computer all night), and I began scribbling again. It was fun. It was the first time I really had such a volume of stuff actively "writing" in my head. This happened at least one more time, maybe two. I finally got all the topics out of my head and the mental writing began to fade enough for me to settle in to bed. I didn't dare look at the clock but the last time I did it was 20 till 1:00.

And then...I was wide awake just after 4 am! Not writing again, just not able to sleep. What's the matter with me?! Crazy. I've got to get back on some sensible schedule like I was finally developing in recent weeks.

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