Monday, August 17, 2009

Knitting & Thinking About Mom

Mom taught me to knit several times in my life. This last time, a few years ago while I was living with her, it finally stuck and I got really into making scarves. I'd come home from the store and show her all the new yarns I couldn't resist and which ones I was planning on pairing together. Whenever I completed a scarf, it was a little triumph that I celebrated with Mom by showing her the finished product. If it was an especially nice one, we would delight together in it's beauty.

Every time I've completed a scarf this summer, I've found myself thinking it's time to show Mom. I miss sharing this interest with her. I miss how my tiny adventures in knitting brightened her day. To measure the fringe for a scarf I usually use a book to wrap the yarn around. For one of my recent scarves, I looked among my books and found one of the right width. As I carried it over to the couch, I realized it was my "Losing A Parent" book I'm currently reading. I smiled sadly at the irony and mentally said, "Come see my new scarf, Mom."

I was looking through some photos tonight and realized that, though I mentioned in an earlier post that Mom taught me to knit, I didn't post any photos of some of her gorgeous afghans. So here's some of her amazing handi-work. SHE was a knitter.

And here's some of my not-very-amazing scarves of the summer. Not amazing or difficult, but I still like them. This pink one is for my niece, Kelsey, who I think, is in love with pink. Always has been.

OK, I tried 3 different ways to try to get Blogger to leave the following horizontal photo alone. But no, it arbitrarily decided to rotate it to a vertical shot. I wish there was someone to actually ask at Blogger. But seeing how they offer all this blogging stuff for free, I can understand why there's nobody standing by to answer my questions. I love the colors in this one. It's very lacey as you'll see if you click to enlarge.

And here's another cozy one. Again with the blues, purples and greens. I'm loving those colors lately. A couple years ago, after a lifetime of disliking nearly every blue known to man, except blues with greens mixed in, I began liking Cobalt blue. It started with glass. These colors remind me of water. I have really been drawn to "water" colors in the last couple years.

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