Monday, August 10, 2009

True Faced Blog - Trust

I just read the most recent entry on the True Faced blog. It's an article about trusting God, called "King of My World?". It is written by John Lynch, the preaching pastor of my "forever church", Open Door Fellowship. In it John describes his childhood difficulty trusting anyone, the scars he still bears today, how trust is what's been bringing him to health and healing over the last 20 years, and how trusting God is the base for nearly every other blessing we can receive as Christians. He describes many of us when he relates how we easily trust God for all but the things most important to us; then we don't want to let go of the helm. He lists reasons why we don't trust God and lists the things we must remember in order to embark on this process of growing in trust.

Please read it. It's wonderful. I think I need to read it every day, as I am so prone to operating in all the "selfs" John mentions.

P.S. Read the previous post, also written by John, to find out about their new book, Bo's Cafe, scheduled for publication September 25. It's being promoted by the publisher and author of The Shack. It's all about grace. Can't wait!

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