Friday, May 18, 2012


You've heard me talk about the beautiful Kenai River with its turquoise waters. I'm not exaggerating.

Cooper Landing, Alaska

Pretty soon all the rocks showing at the water's edge will be covered over. The river is low right now as spring has only just begun. Waterfalls are everywhere, from trickles to gushers. Mountain snow is melting and running downhill. Soon the Kenai River will be deep and swift, accommodating fishing float trips and even some white water raftering in spots.

The River changes in its coloring. Depending on its depth, the sun and clouds, and who knows what else, the color ranges from bright turquoise to deep blue to Alaska gray. Many waters are gray here. It's the glacial run-off. All the rocks are grey and, of course, so is the sand. As glaciers move their way down mountains, they grind along the rocks and bring the gray dirt down into the water with them. Some waters up north are so silty there's no fish in them.

But down here on The Kenai (Peninsula, that is), in time, the waters will be teeming with salmon!

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