Friday, June 29, 2012

Alaska. Africa. It's All Exotic.

Shortly after we arrived in Alaska for the summer, The Fisherman got an urgent phone call from the ministry he's gone to Africa with. They target impoverished Jewish communities and conduct medical missions. The Fisherman has been to Ethiopia three times with them. Last February he went as their photographer. He did such a fine job that they want to use him again on all upcoming trips. The first-ever trip to Zimbabwe, however, already had a photographer assigned. Until May 4th. That's when we got the urgent phone call at least.

So, off went The Fisherman to Zimbabwe in late May. I never really imagined I'd be camping in Alaska alone for a while this summer but that's what happened. At first it was weird. At first I was scared and felt very homeless.  But I quickly got into a routine and all was well.

The Fisherman had another awesome time in Africa. Over 7000 people were seen in the medical clinic that one week. Even more amazing is the number of people who asked for prayer, heard the Gospel for the first time, and accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. Over 5000! Wow!

Things have settled in at work. I don't feel like I'm trying to learn how to build a house in an earthquake any more. We're fixing to get super busy here in the next week or so. When the fish come in, this whole peninsula will be crazy busy. It's already picked up considerably but fishing is poor right now. It will get much "hotter" later on.

The Fisherman has been working half days so far. Today was his first "double" where he guides two boats in a day: one morning and one afternoon. I'm thankful it's blue skies for him. There are plenty of days when it's pouring rain all day long and about 50 degrees. Sitting in a boat all day in the pouring rain, working with his hands tying knots, cranking reels and untangling "birds' nests" can be pretty tiresome I'm sure. Things will be picking up for him, too, pretty soon. Soon he will be working doubles seven days a week for about 7 weeks. Yikes!

The fireweek is coming up around town. The stalks have been growing strong but I saw my first hint of pink the other day around the shop. In several weeks, the landscape will be ablaze with hot pink flowers standing about 3 feet tall. Love the fireweed.

That's all for now. I'm going to work on catching up with photos and posts from some of my experiences in the too-many-weeks since I last posted!

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