Saturday, June 30, 2012

Among Devil's Club and Dandelions

In early June on my way up to Anchorage to pick up The Fisherman from his Africa trip I had a delightful drive. Things were greening up all over, though there was still an awful lot of snow in the pass. Along the highway I saw this beautiful yellow alongside the highway.

I got out to take photos and discovered the flowers were common dandelions!

The roadside was textured with young Devil's Club. I love seeing the early leaves sprouting out. Love how they're all bunched up and small. 

Devil's Club is not something you want to touch. I believe it causes tremendous itching if nothing else. But I do love the leaves. they grow low to the ground and get huge. Ten inches across. In the Fall they turn yellow. But here they are just unfolding their baby leaves of spring.

Dandelions, like everything else in Alaska, grow very large here. These are a little larger than normal size but I've seen some 2 inches across.

I loved the textures and lines I was seeing among the Devil's Club and Dandelions.

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  1. So beautiful Judi. Thankful you have your man back home with you. You are so brave and courageous. Love living vicariously through you two as your Alaskan adventures unfold.