Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter Wonderland Squared

Last week while my husband was snowed in at our home (and I was snowed out in the valley) he compared the present snowy scenery of our property to our Winter Wonderland experience of this past December. He said this one was like the last one, only greatly multiplied. He took some really nice photos of it all. Here are some of my favorites.

Compare the shot below, looking out our living room window, to the same shot I took in December. He's right; December was mild in comparison. Of course, the blue sky of December's "day after" photo looks much happier than this January "in the middle of it" photo.

I always like seeing the snow piled so high on top of small objects like these bird feeders. We've even got a customer in this shot. Looks like it's time to fill the feeders again. We love feeding the birds and we especially try to keep feed out for them after snow has covered up all their natural food.

And take a look at our extension ladder leaning against the porch. I think it's funny and amazing all at once.

Without knowing this section of our property, you can only guess at how deep the snow is. Maybe a foot or two?

Well, here's that same view after my husband set the camera timer and walked out into it.

What you don't see in either of these two photos is the 3 and 1/2 foot high piles of firewood up next to the trees on each side of this cleared area. They are completely buried leaving no sign that they are there at all!

Below is our "Driveway Road" heading out of our place. The trees are so weighed down with snow they're closing off the road. I like how the deep snow and long ago tire tracks make the road look dippy when it's actually not. Don't know how or why it did that. I also think it's funny how the accumulation of nearly four feet of snow did not level the previously made tire tracks. It must have, in those more exposed tracks, melted some as the snow kept coming down.

This is standing in the same spot as the photo above but turned 180 degrees around to show the road taking a right to become our Driveway. Love seeing the snow coming down in this shot and how everything behind the back trees is totally hazed out by the snowfall.

And then you make your way around the bend to our Driveway. The trees are so bent over it almost looks like a tunnel instead of a driveway. You can barely see our trailer peaking out at the back.

Here are our solar panels, battery house, and inverter shed. We have solar panels in three places, four actually. The two stands in the back, several panels on the short battery shed (in front of the tall inverter shed) and then a couple small panels hiding behind the battery house. To give you an idea of how deep the snow on the ground is, see the bottom of the panels on the short battery house? The bottom of the panels is nearly up to my waist.

I love, love, love this next shot. It's one of my new favorites. My husband took some like this for me because I liked the icy shot I took during the original Winter Wonderland so much. This is a huge Juniper tree we have on our property. Looking at it from this angle you can only see one of it's many trunks.

My new banner photo is the same scene taken from another angle. (Love how the branches come right at you in that one.)

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  1. WOW!! These are the coolest winter shots ever! I would have given anything to have experienced such an adventure! Being snowed in to that extent!
    I am sure Rusty struggled walking in that winter wonderland to get such gorgeous shots. Post more!