Friday, January 22, 2010


Arizona has just experienced the worst storm week in... well, maybe ever. A series of three storms has been hitting us all week. We have about 2000 feet of unmaintained gravel road leading up to our door. Even when they can get out to plow "the big road" that won't help us much because of "our road". We could call someone to plow our road but it was already such a mucky, sludgy, muddy mess underneath that it still might not be passable.

With the first of the storms scheduled for this past Monday, and my need to be in the valley Tuesday and Wednesday, I headed down the mountain on Sunday afternoon to beat the onslaught.

My husband said the snow level last night was about 10 inches shy of our 4 foot high porch. And it snowed all night. And all day today.

That means.... he's snowed in ........and I'm snowed out.

So I don't have any photos for you. Heck, I don't have any photos for me! I wish I could see it and share it. But with all the clouds all week long, and all the snow...our solar panels aren't collecting much power. That means time spent on big ticket items like the computer or TV must be greatly conserved. My husband probably won't be able to get on the computer to email me any photos for some time.

When we get lots of snow, we have to trek out to the panels and take a broom to them so they can receive the sun. Going out into 4 foot high snow is not going to be much fun for him when the time comes.

So, unfortunately, I'm going to have to wait until after the fact - AGAIN - to post any photos for you. Wish I had better opportunities to post things at the actual time I first write about them. But such is my life: either on the road or without enough electricity.

He said there is that amazing silence over the land as snow continues to fall. We experienced 16" inches or so about 6 weeks ago and it created a total Winter Wonderland on our property. He says this current wonderland is way multiplied and that some of our trees are so bent over with snow he imagines they will surely break. Wish I was there.

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