Friday, January 15, 2010

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

But, in a dark movie theater when you're trying to create your own tasty beverage with the bottles of water you snuck in inside your "movie purse", well...

........Oh, yes!

First I fixed one for me. Then my husband said he was ready for his. So I grabbed another packet and dumped it into his water. Hmmm...Why is it all sitting on top of the water instead of disappearing into the water like the other one?

And then.....

"Pssst. Why is my drink all cloudy and not shaking up?"

Yep. I mixed a packet of creamer into a bottle of water and gave it to my husband to drink. He didn't actually drink any, though.

I gave him mine. It was only right, don't you think?

But what was I to do? I was thirsty, too. I figured if I just added in the intended Grape Propel packet, it might taste like a 50-50 Creamsicle, only grape. And so I did.

It was fine! I couldn't tell at all. Except for the lovely milky white color. And it sure provided some entertainment for us, especially me as I could not stop laughing over it.

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