Saturday, January 16, 2010

Latest Adventures in Knitting

I've been doing a lot of knitting and got sort of backlogged with posting photos. Here's some of the latest fun I've been having.

This yarn is super soft and fuzzy. The variegated greys made interesting stripes throughout the scarf.

Here's another grey one. I doubled up on a thinner yarn for the body of the scarf and added the variegated grey eyelash yarn in a center stripe.

For the next one below I used the same kind of super soft and fuzzy yarn as the above light grey one. I'd found this brightly colored stringy accent yarn in the little yarn shop in Seward, Alaska where I dropped $40 before going to the internet cafe next door to do my Alaska blog update last June. It was funny. My husband dropped me off at The Sea Bean Internet Cafe. I got out of the truck, laptop in hand, and took a couple steps toward the cafe. I looked up, saw A Flyin' Skein next door, and veered immediately left to check it out. I was pleased to hear KLOVE Radio playing inside.

So here's how I used some of the yarn I got there.

Thought I'd get a little creative for this one below. I love my husband's guitar as a background for this muted earthy scarf. I used a special accent yarn down the center of this one. I was disappointed how little it showed. I ended up liking it anyway and deciding that subtle is good, too. I bought the unusual specialty yarn at The Birch Tree Gallery (and yarn shop) in Soldotna, Alaska. I had to; it was on sale.

I made this next one one for my sister-in-law, Jill. She has blond hair and blue eyes and is a kindergarten teacher. I had bought the multi-colored pastel eyelash yarn awhile ago and thought the many colors would go over well with her little students. I studied it and thought on it for a long time before deciding that this deep yellow would probably go best with it. But then I began to second guess if the color combo might be too splashy, too cutesy, or too Easter-y. But as I knitted it, I was surprised at how much I loved it. It took me by surprise how beautifully it turned out. Jill liked it, too.

This last one (below) is made with some cute and funky yarn. Casting on the first row was weird and difficult. You knit your stitches between the tufts. I just finished it this morning and am disappointed with it in a couple ways. It took me almost to the end to get relaxed with it. You can knit a few stitches easily between the tufts but every third or so stitch you have the choice of either knitting before the tuft or after it. I had been squeezing the stitch in before the tuft. I realized too late that I should have relaxed my tension and knitted after the tuft. The scarf turned out rather squished looking, and tight, and short. I think my yarn might have gone farther if I hadn't made it so tight. But I am NOT taking it out and starting over. This stuff is brutal to undo. Cute though, isn't it?

Maybe I'll get another skein and try again.

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