Monday, June 15, 2009

Names & Signs- Interesting, Quirky, and Quaint

I realized I never finished my collection of interesting street names and such. So I will begin again and list them here. Some will be repeats from my along-the-way posts; sorry about that but I'm a person who can't stand to make an incomplete list!!

I love noting the interesting, quirky, quaint, and funny when it comes to signs I pass along the way. I hope you find my trivial little interest to be fun, too.

--MANY FARMS - a town in Arizona

--MULLAN - MORNING DISTRICT -- in Mullan, ID...what the heck is a Morning District?

--100 MILE HOUSE - a town in British Columbia, Canada...funny considering everything is metric in Canada

--HUSH LAKE RD. - just outside Quesnel, BC, Canada

--FAMILY PL. - west of Prince George, BC, Canada

--BROOKS BROOK - on the AlCan Hwy along Tesnel Lake east of Whitehorse

--SLED DOG WAY - leaving Tok, Alaska

--NO SHOOTING FROM ROADWAY - a sign along the highway near the Gulkana River, Alaska

--SANITARY LANDFILL - Alaska..... as opposed to a filthy dirty landfill?

--GLACIER VIEW SCHOOL - all I can say!


--KUAPPALA AVE. - wait, are we in Hawaii?


--PARKA PKWY - along the George Parks Hwy south of Denali Nat'l Park

--NO DOG MUSHERS DR. - guess some people think there's too many mushers in Alaska

--HONOLULU CREEK - there's that Hawaii thing again! People in Alaska love Hawaii. Hmmm...I wonder why.

--CARIBOU HEIGHTS RD. - in Cooper Landing, Alaska. No caribou around there, though. But the first year we went to Cooper Landing I was enthralled to be in a place that had a road named Caribou Heights. Along the highway near this little road was also a sign that said, "School Bus Stop Ahead." I marveled that people got to live in such a place with the turquoise Kenai River on one side of the road and a street named Caribou Heights on the other.

--SECRET RD. - Sterling, Alaska

--FEUDING LN. - Sterling, Alaska

--THREE JOHNS RD. - Sterling, Alaska. I love this one!

--JALEPENO RD. - wait, are we in Arizona? No, Sterling, Alaska. I noted that people don't pronounce the tilde on the N of this word. Definitely not in Arizona!

--JUDY LYNN LN. - my mother-in-law's name. Soldotna, AK

--AURORA AVE. - on the Kenai Peninsula near the Kasilof River & Crooked Creek. I would love to see the Northern Lights someday. The Fisherman's seen them, but not me.


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