Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Alaska Journey - Forgotten Tidbits, Part 1

I forgot a couple things along the way in my Alaska posts.

BEAR RIBS - They were pretty good, especially with the tasty honey BBQ sauce they were in. They were a little tough, though. Our friend was disappointed because he cooked them for several hours. They plan to pre-cook them in the pressure cooker next time.

STUCK TRUCK - I'm sure you've figured out by the posts regarding building the road that we got the truck unstuck. After getting it stuck on May 23rd and creatively jacking it up and doing lots of pre-digging on May 27th, we gave the ground some more time to dry out. Then it rained the very same night and into the next day for a total of about 15 hours! On June 1st, with trepidation we decided to try. We started her up - no sign of the mysterious Won't Start problem. The loud diesel engine rattled and shook the truck like all diesel trucks do. My job was to intently watch to see if the truck was sinking any more with all that vibration. Not a bit. So The Fisherman put it in 4WD and in Reverse. In about 10 seconds he was cleanly and smoothly OUT! WooHoo! We were so excited - high fives and hugs! We were so proud of ourselves! We were patient and it paid off. We worked at it and we did it ourselves! We we were so happy ...and much relieved!

WELL, there was another thing I thought of that needed a follow-up. I should have started with that one because now I've forgotten it! That explains the title of this post as "Part 1".

Catch you all later. I'm heading up home this afternoon. Coming back in a few days for Father's Day.

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