Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Alaska Photos 2- Once Inside the State

After we arrived in Alaska, we saw this huge flock of Canada Geese flying overhead. We followed them for several miles. At one point we stopped the van to take pictures. We turned the engine off and could hear them honking. It was pretty cool. You can click on any of my blog photos to enlarge them.

We came upon this porcupine crossing the highway. I didn't realize how cute their faces are.

But look at those quills! I guess they show off their quills when they feel threatened. This little guy didn't seem to like us taking his picture. But I think it's funny how they pull their fur up and show their quills only on their backsides.
Then we came upon this gnarly tree about 10 feet off the highway and this bald eagle sitting in the top of it. After we took pictures for awhile, the eagle looked like he was hunkering down to fly away. I pre-focused on him and prepared to capture a sequence of photos using my motor drive feature. I panned him as he flew right past me, almost at eye level. I got a great sequence! This is my favorite one because he's in such an interesting position that shows so much motion.
Further down the road is the location where The Fisherman got a breathtaking photo last fall on his way home. We call the photo Autumn Reflections with all its golden trees. We looked forward to seeing what it might look like in the Alaskan spring month of May. Here's The Fisherman taking a "Spring Reflections" photo.

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