Friday, August 24, 2012

My Favorite Dog Celebrity

Now who would think I'd meet my favorite dog celebrity in Alaska!

Who's my favorite dog celebrity, you ask? 

I'll give you a hint:  Brindle.

That's probably not enough of a hint. Here's another clue:  Bacon.

Another:  Maple.

Another:  Tease.

Yup! It's the Ultimate Dog Tease dog!

If you haven't seen this You Tube video, you simply HAVE to watch it. Click here.

OK, so this isn't really the celebrity dog of Ultimate Dog Tease fame.

But he's the same kind of dog as in the viral YouTube video.

This is Hank.  He belongs to the administrator/teacher at the school where we're camping. She brought him to work with her most days of summer work week. Hank and I got to be buddies. He was given free access to the school including the gym, hallways, and outdoors. With woods on three sides of the school, and a great big soccer field, Hank had a blast running around. I always knew Hank was here when I saw either the back door propped open or his square, hot pink water bowl (a plastic serving bowl of the picnic variety) sitting in the hallway in front of the school offices.

In the photo above, Hank is demolishing a Frisbee. 

I love his brindle coloring:

I must have used the flash for this one, inside the school, because it came out rather protrait-like. With his ears up he doesn't look much like "the maple bacon dog", as his owner calls him, but he sure looks cute. 

It's been fun having a dog around to love up.

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