Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Threads-The Tapestry of Mom: Flowers

Taking and posting these photos from around Mom's house has been really meaningful to me. It's so easy to overlook the everyday things we're used to seeing, and then later, when it's too late, find ourselves wishing we could have just one more look. One more look around her house. One more look at the way she expressed herself through her beautiful taste, aesthetics, art, collections, books.

Mom loved dried floral arrangements. She had some beautiful ones made by the owner of a flower shop I worked for long ago.

The grassy one in the back (below) was one she loved for many years. I always thought it looked too wild and grassy. I only started to appreciate it within the last two years. I finally said to her this past year, "I've really started to like that one." It was funny: she said she didn't like it anymore, she'd gotten tired of it. Funny - we agreed with each other, just in different decades.

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