Thursday, April 23, 2009


Lucy is our neighbor kitty. She would come visit us every now and then. I'd just happen to look up and see her sitting on the back porch, looking in through a french door window pane. If I didn't get to the door in time, she'd turn to leave. But as soon as I turned the deadbolt, she'd turn back around and come to the door. Then she'd sit there...conflicted. She'd ACT like she didn't want to come in. But I knew better. She just needed patience. If I paid too much attention to her, she'd leave. If I left the door open and ignored her, she'd come in. And she'd head right into the dining room where she'd do a "cuddle dive" onto the carpeting, showing me her belly, begging for pets. Mom loved her, too. Lucy brightened many a day for Mom, and me, too. We both enjoyed talking to and petting her. Sometimes she'd stay in the house for 10-20 minutes and we'd forget she was here. Until we'd hear a little peep of a meow letting us know it was time for her to move on and continue her rounds of the neighborhood. Sometimes she'd find me while I was out in the back yard, like the day I took these pictures.

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