Thursday, April 9, 2009

Botanical Garden, Part 1

What was that I said yesterday? I was looking forward to the quiet beauty and some reflecting, refreshing, renewing time at the Desert Botanical Garden? HA!! I forgot that it's tourist season. So I spent about 3 hours in the Botanical Gardens with, oh, about 1000 other people! Literally.

The Chihuly pieces were amazing. The desert plants were beautiful. The butterfly pavillion was cool.

BUT...there were just SO many people. Everywhere. It was so crowded it basically ruined it all for me. But I tried to take it in stride, appreciating it the best I could. I took tons of photos, which was about all I could do with my time there because there was no space for tranquillity and quiet enjoyment of the place. I'll post pictures in a day or so.

I was disappointed but still enjoyed it. It was pleasantly warm. I got really tired after a couple hours. My fingers hurt from holding my four pound camera. By the end, as I was trying to find my way out, I was just so tired of trails that dead ended or looped back on themselves!

So... Refreshing? Renewing? In a round about way, it was. I was so exhausted from all the walking, all the crowds, and all the sun, that I came home and slept for over 2 hours. I know I got too much sun because I had several bouts with chills all afternoon and evening. I slept a lot and very well last night, getting another 9 or 10 hours.

Today, I'm hitting the To Do List.

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  1. It was like that when I went a couple of weeks ago too! The line for the butterfly exhibit was 45 minutes long so we didn't wait. It was the most crowded I"ve ever seen it. I think that everyone is trying to get in before Chihuly leaves. When I saw it in November, hardly anyone was there.