Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Top 10 Indicators Things Are Drying Out Around Here

Number 10

Though it seems quite contrary to indicating a drying trend, this photo does.  That's because there's something missing in this photo that was present a few days ago. Absent is the huge, orange, diamond shaped sign blocking the road stating, "Road Closed Due To Flooding."  It's absence is very telling.  There may still be water in places but at least the road's open.

Number 9

The largest puddle on our road is only this big.....

Number 8
(Kind of the same as Number 9, I admit but I like the picture.)

...Our road is almost entirely dry.

Note the curvy path we take to avoid the low spots.  When there's standing water in the lows, we avoid them so as to not make them bigger by splashing muddy water (and hence, dirt) from them.

Number 7

The flooded ditch (aka The Spot That Always Floods) has crept its way from the middle of the road back to the confines of the shoulder where it belongs.

Number 6

The roadside ditch leading up to The Spot That Always Floods is dry.

Number 5

The road is making dust again with the passing of cars and trucks.

Number 4

The sky has been mostly blue for the last 10 days.

Number 3

The semi's and logging trucks working the forest thinning effort are running again.  The ground HAS to be drying out for the bulldozers and other heavy equipment to be able to work in the forest and fill up the trucks.  But you know, I just can't figure out what enclosed semi-tractor-trailer rigs are doing.  Are they hauling logs inside?  The logging trucks go by with their huge steel brackets containing dozens of trees.  There are an equal number of semi's and I've been wondering what they're hauling out of the forest. Hmmm.  (Sorry. No picture. I didn't feel like sitting out on the road waiting for one to come by.)

The Number 2 indicator that things are drying out around here:

I'm loving seeing these ground crackles right about now!  I hate it in June, but  right now, it's a good thing.

(I love the remnant of old moss or lichen on this rock.)

It's a little hard to tell the rocks from the depressions.  The round depressions with no crackles in them are old elk prints, smoothed over by subsequent rains.


And the NUMBER 1 indicator
that things are drying out around here:



Soon after this current basement seepage mess began around the 29th of July, my water collection peaked at 32 gallons of August 4th.  It stayed steady at about 14-16 gallons for a few days, then I started noticing a downward trend.  August 8th gave me 12 gallons.  August 9th, 10 gallons.  August 10th, 8 gallons.  And today, 7 gallons! 

Now, THAT's a big...fat...YEAH!!

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  1. Hi Judi,
    Love this post. Glad to see things are drying out for you. What an amazing journey to your house it is! Absolutely beautiful.