Thursday, August 5, 2010

Beautiful Skies and No Rain

Good news!  No rain for three days!  Our skies have been gorgeous with huge clouds that seem to drop rain elsewhere.  Even when the storms have come right overhead they have not shed any more rain on us.  Tonight, there are strong winds whipping around outside.  Cool air is flowing through the open window behind me in bursts, flaring the curtains in and out.

I took some photos last night of the amazing skies.  I don't have a polarizing filter, though, so you'll have to engage your imagination in trying to combine two photos.  I think it's called a polarizing filter.  Whatever it is that I'm talking about, it balances out the light. (I'm just not very good with names of things lately, am I?)  In trying to take a photo of the clouds, the camera needs to let in less light because the sky is bright.  But then, the trees end up dark.  When trying to get the accurate lighting on the trees, the sky gets blown out white and you lose all detail.

SO... use your imagination to combine each of the next sets of photos.  The first exposure is for the trees, the second is for the clouds.  Put the nice green trees of the first photos with the spectacular skies of the second photos...and wa-laa! have the beautiful scene I was privileged to walk around in last evening.


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