Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mom Update

Mom will be released to a rehab facility any day now. She needs to get stronger before coming home so she'll get occupational therapy and physical therapy while in a rehab place for a couple weeks. Then, once home, she will have home health care a certain number of times per week to continue the strengthening efforts.

Hospitals often seem to release patients before I think they're ready. I'm not sure Mom is stable enough in the heart department to be released. I need to trust the doctors determiniations and not my own insecurities that are based on ignorance and fear.

I was reminded by a sweet young woman yesterday that God has already prepared me for what He is bringing my way. When I worry about if I will be able to care adequately for Mom when she comes home, I am encouraged that, though it won't be without challenges, God has and will provide what I need to care for her and to discern when I need help. This was a sweet reminder that continues to bolster my confidence in meeting what lies ahead and help me trust Him with my todays and tomorrows. Thanks, Kelly. Thanks, God.

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