Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mom is in the Hospital

My mom has been in the hospital since Friday. We had to call 911. She was extremely anemic from some sort of gastro-intestinal bleeding. They gave her some blood but now are juggling the affects on her heart that transfusions evidently create for heart patients. They still don't know the source of the bleeding, or for sure if it has stopped. An endoscopy (scope of her stomach) revealed nothing was wrong there. More tests are pending the stabilization of her heart issues.

Those are the facts. Now here's the emotions. Well, actually, I think I'm stuffing my emotions. The scenes of her 911 day were anxious, urgent and overwhelming. And it was my Mom! Yet I don't seem to have let myself feel the natural emotions that appropriately correspond with such events. They seem to be held at bay. I have cried. But not enough. I begin, then stop. So, I'm sort of a zombie: spent, sleeping like a log but remaining very tired, can't seem to engage, mentally foggy.

That's why I can only post this much....

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