Friday, March 20, 2009

Late Night Visit to Mom

I paid a late night visit to Mom tonight. I'd been there twice already today but I wanted to go back. She slept most of the day and I wanted to come back after spending some time at church where tonight kicked off our annual 24/7 Prayer week. When I left at 7pm I left her a note saying I'd come back after church.

The hospice facility welcomes visitors any time day or night. I got there about 10:15. She was sleeping, like I anticipated. But it was just so nice sitting with her in the dimly lit room without any hubbub going on. She still had her TV quietly on. I sat there for about 1/2 an hour. It was a sweet time, there in the quiet, just with her. I had just spent a nice bit of time at church with beautiful gentle worship music as a background to my prayers for Mom. I found my way to the most out of the way corner and sat down on a pillow against the wall. I got some crying out. I prayed for God to love me through this. And I prayed for Mom. As I sat there with her peacefully sleeping, still looking beautiful in her 81 years, I felt peaceful, too.

It was getting late. I had just kissed my fingers to touch her hand with a goodnight kiss when she coughed and woke up. I got to say hello. She said, "Hi Honey." She seemed herself. We talked a little bit and I reminded her of the good news decided upon today: we're taking her home on Monday. She was happy. The doctor thought it would be good to wait until Monday in order to get a hospital bed and some other equipment delivered over the weekend. Another big reason was that Monday allows the regular case-managing staff to do the initial transition stuff, rather than getting started over the weekend with the fill-in staff and then on Monday having to "start" anew with the main staff. That continuity in the first transitional days seemed important to the doctor.

I'm thankful for the sweet time I had with Mom tonight. I'm so glad I went back. I felt compelled to go back by after church, and now I know why. God had a blessing waiting for me...and Mom, too, I think.

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