Saturday, October 25, 2014

Gentle Melodies on Breezeless Air

Frisbee flies and football spins over a flood lit field in front of me.
Splashes and laughter from a pool behind me.

Guitar and gentle melodies over my left shoulder.
The air in undetectable. Perfect.

It is Saturday night and I am at Grand Canyon University.
How I would love to be 20 again and part of the fabric of this place.

A skateboarder hitches a short ride at the back of a campus golf cart.
"Nothing but the blood of Jesus" harmonizes through the breezeless air.

My heart fits here, anonymous as I am right now.
It is only my 50+ years that is so out of place.

How I would love to be the me that has taken over 50 years to become
But 20 again. And here.

(Written from a bench after an afternoon-to-evening visit to the library today.)

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