Friday, February 3, 2012

The Kitten Twins

Another book from my childhood is The Kitten Twins.

My mom suggested we write my name in the book. In her perfect teacherly print she wrote it at the top left of the hard inside cover. I must have liked the idea because I followed suit and wrote my name on the opposite inside page.

This was back when I spelled my name with a "y". I remember exactly where we were when Mom suggested to me that we change the "y" to an "i". I didn't know you could change the spelling of your name. I was curious why she suggested it and asked her. She said it would make "Judi" more of a true nickname for my full name, Judith (bleh!),  because it would simply be dropping the "th." OK. I was in fifth grade.

But back when I loved this book, I spelled my name with a "y" and proudly wrote it with a crayon on the cover page. I even wrote my brothers' names. 

And then proceeded to write my name on every single page thereafter.

(Thank you, Blogger, for turning another photo on its ear...)

This story is about two little kittens, Twinkle and Boo, who get into trouble all day long.

They get into plants, lunch plates, glasses of milk, Grandma's yarn, ink,
and finally, Mother's hat.
Oh no!

Now, who today would ever use the word "pell-mell" in a children's book?

"They couldn't see why they had caused such alarm
For they never intended to do any harm.
But kittens are kittens and what would you do
With two little mischiefs like Twinkle and Boo?"


  1. I loved this book as a little girl! I vividly remembered the book's exterior - that bright pink..... My book didnt fare so well, either, from being a well-loved read. And I remember thinking "pell mell" was such a great phrase, even as a tot!

  2. I read this book douvh I knew it by heart at 5 yo. Took it to H.S. for interpretative reading in speech and it got stolen. Devistated.

  3. Loved this book! I still have it, although I think the cover is about to come off. I named one of my cats Boo because of this story.