Saturday, February 28, 2009


My mom taught me to knit about 3 different times in my life. The last time was just over a year ago. And I've been knitting scarves ever since. I'm really enjoying it. I like how quick they are. So far, all I do is knit. As in...I don't purl or do any other stitches. Just knit. Whenever I get sick of that, I'll branch out. So far, I like the ease and mindlessness of only the knit stitch, or "garter stitch" as it's called when you knit every row.

I've had my scarves for sale and gotten some encouraging feedback on them.

On the green one I added a strip of "eyelash yarn" down the middle. Then I added the fringe opposite to the yarn pattern.

I love this scarf. It's made of super soft multi-colored yarn. I figured out how to make curved ends and then I added 3 layers of fringe on one end making it really lush and fun. The other end has a single layer - I thought it would be too bulky to have it on both ends.

I did the same with this off white scarf, plus I added the eyelash strip down the middle.

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