Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Favorite Websites, Part 2 - Best Cream

I have what seems to me a secret. I have found the world's best hand and foot cream. I know there are other fans of this wonder cream, but there are lots more people out there that need to know about it. It is Leavitt Cream. As I understand it, it's an old, old family recipe. Its ingredients seem to provide a moisture barrier that keeps the healing moisturizers IN your skin while at the same time keeps the damaging affects of water and wind OUT. This stuff actually heals your dry and damaged skin. No kidding. And fast, too. It's not for slathering on your arms and legs everyday. (It's thick and can't possibly be slathered anyway.) But for dry elbows, feet, and hands...this stuff is awesome. It's unscented but I'm told you can customize it by adding a couple drops of your favorite perfume.

One jar has lasted me a year, so even at the single jar price of $15 (or the 2 for $20 internet special) it's well worth it. You've got to try it!

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