Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Favorite Websites, Part 1 - Seward Cam

1We first went to Alaska in 1990. We were both hooked right away. My husband was hooked big time; he and Alaska just seemed made for each other. I was hooked mildly by comparison. We went back as often as possible. Then in around 2005, while he was there for several weeks having driven up, my hook was set deeper (see how I've learned the fishing lingo from him). I remember surfing the internet while he was gone, "looking for Alaska." I found the Seward Cam. We go to Seward every time we go to Alaska because it is such a great tourist town with lots to do. There's the Sea Life Center, Exit Glacier, great shopping, the Marina, and lots of charters to take - fishing, whale watching, or a simple tour of Resurrection Bay. It's a great town. It was so fun finding this webcam. I've had it as my home page for years now. I check it several times a day all year round. It's fun to see the weather change as winter comes on and see how few daylight hours there are in winter - about 6. From this webcam I've saved photos of some pretty gorgeous days. And some pretty horrendous snow storms. I even have some with my husband in them. One time when he was in Seward, we were on the phone together and he walked down the dock. I could see him on the webcam while I talked with him on the phone. Cool. Here's a recent photo after a huge snowstorm earlier this month. I have never seen the snow stay on the water like that. It stayed there for over a week and is just starting to melt.

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  1. We have been to Alaska once and would love to go back.

    Our top 2 favorite places were Sitka and Denali National Park.

    It's an amazing place full of reminders of God's awesome handiwork.